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"Absolutely love our new Gemics dress! Stunning and the price was way less than I expected to pay for a new custom mega glitz pageant dress. Excellent communication and the dress was completed on time. Best experience I've had with a designer!! Looking forward to ordering an ooc next time around. Thank you Louise for sharing your incredible talent with us :)" 
Heather and Anabel 

"Great buying experience! Mrs. Louise is prompt with answering messages & cares about producing a great product on time! Buy from Gemics with confidence!"
Amber Baker

"Three letters W O W,We couldn't wait to get the costume, running out of time for competition, then a box with the most Amazing Costume we had seen. Gemics certainly lives up to their name it was a GEM of a costume. My sassafras put it on and Danced her heart out. No Problem doing flips and turns in her costume, Her self-esteem went thru the roof!!! Thank You for putting that extra Confidence in her Routine. LET THE CARNIVAL BEGIN!!! Thank You Louise" 


"I will always order my dresses from Gemics from now on! The dress she made my daughter is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, & ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! She really blew my expectations out of the water. It is beyond anything I could have pictured in my head! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cant express enough how much I love it! Thank You so much!" 

Carrie & Aslynn

"We bought a cupcake shell. It was exactly what we wanted, and was actually ready early!" 

"In the above heading it says: short, sweet, and honest please! Well I'm only doing short because you asked for it which is a good thing because I could type a mini novel about Gemics! Short, Sweet, and Honesty here it is: Gemics was wonderful even before the start, when I was typing Louise, and I know driving her insane with my undecided mind. Yet she was amazingly patient, and kind no matter how much I went back n forth. But I now know why : It's because of the stunning dress she knew she could design for my baby. I still can't get over how simple, and easy the whole process was. From filling out the form to getting my finished sketch (WHICH IS AWESOME) was honestly a very pleasant surprise. IF you've ever considered Gemics I'm here to say you won't go wrong I can HONESTLY say that ! Louise, and the entire Gemics team I want to Thank You deeply for your time, patience, and kindness. But most of all your amazing, and creative designing skill/talents I'll forever be grateful for our very first custom dress by Gemics Much hugs & love " 

Brittany and Paris

"Our Gemics was more then AMAZING. Ms Louise and Mr Martin are beyond wonderful designers and people with a true heart of gold. They simply made an unreachable dream become the biggest reality ever. High quality goodies, made from the heart. Truly can't use words to express how amazing our experience has been from start to finish, and not to mention the loving relationship and bond we will forever have. They promised one thing, and gave so much more. True GEMS. Thank you so much Louise and Martin for creating my angels Angel Dream" 

Crystal and Faith

"Love Louise & Martin! Always on time, perfect shells, very nice to work with!! All around good folks to know!" 

Tara, CBC

"I have never been happier with a designer than I am with Gemics. The whole process from beginning to receipt of the dress was smooth, Louise went above and beyond for us. Customer service is unparalleled." 

Cindy and Lacey

"We have had a lot of glitz dresses and a few made for my dd . Gemics is the best. You don't have to worry that your dress wont be done in time. it will and the craftsmanship is amazing. The dress just shines. Louise and her whole family are amazing. They really put you first. Love them and thank you again." 

Deborah and Addison

"GEMICS creations are by far THE BEST you will find out there. All uniquely designed and made to perfection just for you! We have owned quite a few and also rented some and the quality of them all was just perfect. Ms. Louise is the sweetest too. I was hesitant at first because of her prices, BUT, it is well worth it! You will NOT go wrong having Ms. Louise design you a masterpiece!" 

Lani and Livy

"Ms. Louise took my generic idea and made it over the top! My daughters outfit looks identical to the sketch that she sent. The quality of work her work is phenomenal. This is our second outfit and we will be back! More importantly she answered EVERY question that was sent via Facebook or phone call in a timely manner and her outfit was delivered ON TIME WHEN PROMISED! She even included a last minute request to the outfit!"

Courtney and EmmaKatherine

"Our experience with Gemics was AMAZING. Gorgeous dress, affordable, easy to work with, delivered on time, and very pleasant. This is the most stress free dress purchase we have ever made." 

Melissa & Haley

"Have now had 5 dresses from Louise, and they are all outstanding! Amazing quality and the service is second to none! We would not use anybody else!" 


"Malaika and I love Mrs Louise soooo very much! She is an amazing designer! Total Package! She can create the most beautiful pieces and work them in to any schedule. My first experience with Gemics was when I ordered Mega Marilyn. I called her, told her my theme and I needed it in less than a week and she immediately went to work and had it to us right on time. It fit perfectly and was flawless. We now own several other Gemics designs and they are all just as fabulous. I can't express the excitement that we get just out of waiting to see what she is thinking up for us. If you are looking for a fabulous designer with amazing talent and dedication then Gemics is what you want! We now call her our Fairy Glitzmother!"

Amanda & Malaika

"Gemics is by far the best of the best we have bought several outfits from dresses, to swim , and tons in between !!! Mrs. Louise will always have Breleigh and me as a customer !!!" 

Breleigh and Brittany

"GEMICS is truly unique in their designs! We have had so many OOCs designed, in what I consider a true partnership. Not only are the initial sketches pretty right on with our vision, but the outfits are certainly made of the finest quality fabrics and materials, quality is of the utmost importance to GEMICS!! After you have one designed you will come back again!" 

Tina & Alyssa

"I just wanna personally thank u for everything!! Our experience with u was so awesome! You promised something and sent us so much more!!! Thank u thank u everything!! Our Gemmy bear and cape was awesome never in a million years would I thought we would own something this nice!!! We love u!" 


"Miss Louise is simply AMAZING !!! and we cant thank her enough for all the hard work she does for my daughter Miss Aisling. We look for the person who will not only make the perfect design for my child but will also put her heart into making a master piece. When it comes to shipping Gemics are fantastic ! We travel all over the world and each time our parcel is exactly on time. The attention to detail is exceptional and from the moment our sketch is sent to the moment Aisling has the parcel in her hand the service is wonderful. We highly recommend Gemics as your designer. We wont work with anyone else!!!" 


"Gemics makes awesome ooc's and dresses...the quality is amazing and not to forget Mrs. Louise is such an awesome person has great people skills and her heart is in creating and making our don't even do justice. Just order from her and when u receive it its just amazing  Will keep doing my business with her..." 


"Gemics is simply Fantastic! Finding a great reliable designer is not easy as it seems. Louise has a natural talent and helped us select the perfect style, color and design of baby doll dress for my daughter. She always finds the time to answer any questions! The delivery was impressively fast too! I would recommend Gemics to all my friends with no hesitation. Thank you so much for making Miss Sienna feel special in her Jungle Baby Dress. You are a true Gem! x"


"You always hear about the "bad designers" and the rip-off artists out there in the pageant world taking advantage of us moms trying to dress their child the best. They claim to be professionals in the industry, but most are professional only in ripping people off and making less than superb outfits. I finally got lucky and found Gemics. I started with renting a dress she had made and fell in love with it. I then was on a mission to save every penny I had and sell everything I had to sell to afford a custom made dress for my baby, her first one made just for her! I have to say I was so very pleasantly shocked when we got our box with not only the dress, but other "goodies" as well!! Louise was very helpful in the design process and let me choose what items I liked to include on the dress, and went from an idea I had in my head. It came out exquisite! She also was even able to accommodate my time request fortunately for me!! She was a blessing to find in this business, I will refer anyone who asks about dresses to Louise, and I will definitely be coming back for a new dress when we sadly outgrow this one and even for OOC's when we need one!! She is highly referred by me, and I am particular and do not give compliments very freely! I will point out the flaws of people, but it's nice to know when you can trust someone to do a job and exceed your expectations! Highly recommended and revered by me!!" 


"BEST DESIGNER WE HAVE EVER USED! Louise has been such a blessing to us. She helped us recover from a bad designer and showed us that honest designers that genuinely care are still out there. She is BY FAR the best designer we have ever used and will ever use, and not just because her designs are amazing. She is honest and caring and puts in a true effort to make sure that you are happy throughout the entire design process. She has come to the rescue more than once for us and always impresses us with her amazing talents. On top of all of this, she has a super quick turn around time and makes sure that the outfits arrive on time, with certificates of authenticity to hang on your DDs room. (SO cute!) She makes every little pageant princess and prince feel special by putting tons of love and effort into everything she does. We absolutely LOVE Louise Kerver and Gemics, because they represent what its all about! Having fun and looking your best while doing it! Thanks again to Louise for all of your help and amazing outfits! You rock and we will never use another designer aside from you!" 


"Gemics is my one stop shop for all my pageant needs for both of my girls and we love the quality, originality, great personalized service." 


"By far Gemics is the best company I have ever worked with. From the first order I placed with Louise I never once wondered if I would get it in time. My daughter does pageants and as anybody knows they can come up unexpectedly. Not only are the outfits reasonably priced but they are absolutely amazing. I am not a creative person by any means but I never have a doubt that once I tell Louise what kinda pageant it is, the outfit she makes will be a show stopper. As long as she can put up with me and my crazy requests I will be a very loyal customer and couldn't imagine going anywhere else."


"I have ordered several custom outfits from Gemics I have never had anything less than an awesome experience. From the sketches, to the finished products, the customer service and quality are top notch and unbeatable! We could not be more pleased. We love Gemics!" 


"I can't say enough about how wonderful Louise and her amazing creations are! Not only are the designs amazing, but the craftsmanship, the quality and the details are incredible and unmatched by any other designer that I know. She has made our pageant experience so much more better by knowing we are wearing one of her designs!" 


What can't I say about Gemics! If you can think it, or dream it, Miss Louise can design it!! Since the very first purchase I knew we have found the right person to start us off right in the pageant world. She has such a remarkable talent and the quality of her designs are beyond perfection. Fast, reliable and reasonable, that's Gemics! We love everything she has made for us and will continue to come back for more!! Thank you Gemics for making us sparkle!!" 


"Miss Louise is Amazing! She had made 2 outfits for me so far and I have 2 on order with her. Louise really listens to what you want and price point. She comes up with a couple amazing designs and it's so hard to pick which one! Miss Louise is wonderful to work with and the quality of her work is outstanding! She is a caring and kind woman who really puts all her creativeness in each outfit. My daughter always gets high scores on her outfits! Thank you Louise for all your hard work and looking forward on working with you again!" 


"We Love purchasing our outfits from Louise she has been so pleasant to work with and she is extremely talented. Whenever I purchase an outfit I am like a little kid in a candy store I cannot wait to see the sketches and then the finished outfit. Everything I have purchased has been exactly what I expected and more. When I show Jaeda the sketches and she gets so excited her exact words are always " woooow!!!" "That's mine?" We have purchased several outfit from Gemics and will continue to purchase many more." 


"Louise- Thank you so much for everything you have done- She has made 3 AMAZING outfits and 1 swim wear for my daughter!! She has won every time she's worn them. One of her outfits we had made was seen on Toddlers & Tiaras.. I would never go to another designer for our Pageant needs.. Thank you again Louise, you're the best!!"