Custom Fitted Beauty Dress or Babydoll Measurement List

Please be as accurate as you possibly can be. If in any doubt, please take pics of where you are measuring and send them along with measurements. We will gladly measure for you if you are able to visit the studio. These measurements are required 3 - 4 weeks ahead of your expected ship date.

1. Around chest at bustline

2. Around waist at belly button

3. Girth (a big loop from top mid point of the shoulder, down front, thru legs wearing diaper if needed, up back to where you started, a snug fit but not tight)

4. Shoulder to nipple

5. Armpit to waistline

6. Around shoulders with arms by sides

7. Around shoulder (where a shirt sleeve seam is)

8. Outside arm, mid shoulder to middle finger tip

9. Inside arm, armpit to wristbone

10. Around bicep

11. Around elbow

12. Around wrist

13. Around neck

14. Top midpoint of shoulder to the floor

15. Outside leg, from waistline to anklebone

16. Waistline to knee

17. Current skirt length. Just measure from the where the waistband is attached to the longest length of the organza ( a good approximation is good enough )

18. Bodice length for beauty dresses - shoulder to bottom finish of bodice

19. Bodice length for babydoll dresses - shoulder to join of skirt

20. Armpit to top of knee ( not center of knee cap ) for a Babydoll

21. Halter strap from 1” above nipple all the way around neck to 1” above opposite nipple ( if halter is required)