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All Gemics Beauty Dresses which were originally booked on, or since January 1, 2015 and which are in the same condition as they were originally shipped, are included in this care program.

This is how it works

- Return the dress. 
- 50% store credit is issued on receipt. 
- You only pay the equivalent $ of the store credit.
- You receive a new custom dress, to the same original value of the dress returned. 
- You may trade-in as often as you like. 
- You may upgrade your new dress for an additional cost. 
- Gemics owns all traded-in dresses.

Important Terms of this Program

1. The dress must have been purchased directly from Gemics on or after January 1, 2015 and must be in perfect (new) condition. No alterations, additions, rips, stains, tears etc allowed. In the event of any dispute, Gemics will be the sole judge of the dresses eligibility. 
2. You are guaranteed a 50% credit on return of the dress in perfect condition, based on original invoice value, not including shipping, duties & taxes. 
3. Gemics is not responsible for shipping costs, insurance, or damage sustained during shipping to Gemics. 
4. The credit is 1) Non-Transferable, 2) Has no cash value and 3) Is applied as a store credit only. 
5. You will receive a brand new dress of the same $ value as was returned.
6. Within this program, payment in full must be made 4 weeks ahead of your required ship date
7. Please allow at least 6 weeks for the replacement dress to ship. If the timing is difficult to manage due to competition commitments, we can start earlier on your new dress as long as your balance payment is made. The new dress will only ship after receipt of the old dress.  
8. Gemics will advertise for sale your returned dress and retain the resulting proceeds as part of the entire transaction.
9. Published Terms and Conditions of Trade apply. 
10. This program cannot be combined with any other Gemics promotions. 

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